5 Keys to be a good teacher

When it comes to teaching, there are certain aspects that must be taken into consideration. It’s not all about having a good academic background or knowledge of the subject. A good teacher must comply with the following 5 requirements:

  1. Being able to captivate people: Attracting students’ attention is not easy at all. However, keeping that attention is even more difficult. In order to be a good teacher, you need to connect with your students, inspire them and fill the lessons with amusing activities so they are motivated to learn more all the time.
  2. Being creative: You can improvise in case an activity is not going as it should be or something unexpected comes up. You can also know how to teach in a captivating way and keep your students awaken. If someone doesn’t understand your explanation, you are able to do it in a different way so it’s easier to get.
  3. Being fair: You know how to empathize with your students’ emotions and understand their behaviour if you are aware of their problems outside the class. Besides, you apply the same norms and restrictions to yourself than to the rest of the people. If they mustn’t pick up the phone during the lesson, you won’t do it either.
  4. Being committed: You are never late and you are willing to have your lesson ready even if that means working some extra hours over the weekend. Plus, you are worried about the success of your students and you understand their personalities and goals.
  5. Being cooperative: You are able to create bonds with both the rest of teaching and administrative staff and the students’ parents. Therefore, you will strengthen positive synergies contributing to the success of your work.

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