Inés Burakovskaya

Why did you chooseTEFL Course?
I do not think it is enough just to have a Teaching or any other degree. Nowadays all good English academies want you to obtain a TEFL certificate. It is impossible to find an English teacher position without TEFL. I now understand why, because while doing TEFL you learn so many incredible skills that you can use with your students in the classroom. You cannot learn them in university. Your fellow TEFL teachers will share with you their best and most difficult experiences in the classroom and will teach you to make even the most challenging lesson a pleasure.

Did you really get a job when you finished the course? Tell us about your experience.
Yes, it is true. After finishing this course I was offered a job, not only by this academy but also by many others. However, I made my choice and it was English Connection.

Would you recommend it?
Definetely. They were four unforgettable weeks of hard work and great experience that made my dreams come true.


How does it feel living in Spain?
Life in Spain is just stress free. All the people here are so kind to all the foreigners. You will feel very protected by them. It is so easy to make friends here. In addition to this, its climate is very warm, so you don´t need to bring a lot of warm clothes and every weekend can be dedicated to taking trips around Spain. There are so many marvellous natural places here. You will never get bored!

I have fun with all my students both children and adults. My job helps me avoid stress. I feel very rewarded when I see their results.

Inés Burakovskaya

Do you like living in Seville?
Seville is full of young people, so you will enjoy it a lot with your new friends here. The best thing about Seville is its climate and cuisine. At night all the bars are full of people talking, laughing and having a good time.

So you are teaching English now! Is it easy?
I have a degree in Translation and TEFL. For me, teaching is always pleasure, but TEFL made it much better and more fun.

Please tell us some anecdote (about classes, life in Spain…)
I have a lot of fun with my students and we make a lot of jokes together. It is difficult to think about just one.

What does TCE have that other language schools don’t?
The best staff and working conditions.

What is your typical day like?
My lessons always start with my students’ smile. We do so many fun and enjoyable things in class. With children we play games, sing their favourite songs, learn new vocabulary and use it in different situations in class. We also talk about their free time and their plans for holidays. They enjoy telling me about all the good moments in their lives.

What does a TEFL Course allow you to do?
To have a teacher position in one of the best academies in Spain.