Why can we promise a job if you do our TEFL Course?

TEFL Course Seville is partnered with English Connection, a leading English academy with more than 100 centres in Spain.

And we open two new centers every month!

Let Juanjo Bote, general manager of English Connection Seville, explain this point:

“English Connection is a leading English academy with more of 80 centres in Spain. We’re always looking for the best English teachers due or constant expansion (we open XXX new academies every month). As partners of TEFL Course Seville, we’re reassured of the excellence of their program and we know that the certified teachers by them are really well prepared to this commitment. For that reason, at the end of every TEFL Course we do a job proposal to all the new teachers. We are proud to have a 95% of new members of the English Connection family every time a new TEFL Course has concluded.”

Juanjo Bote

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