Open the door to your future


Find opportunities all over the world

Have you ever thought of English teaching as the key to opening that door?
Then taking a TEFL course in teaching English could be the answer for you.
We are in a time when country borders are disappearing and work may be found anywhere.
This means many opportunities for English teachers are opening up all over the world.
Why TEFL? A TEFL course provides you with a certification which will give you
that extra advantage you need to set you apart from the rest.

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    Help finding great value accommodation

    Spain TEFL’s knowledgeable and well-connected team will help you find suitable accommodation during your course that’s comfortable, conveniently-located and of great value!

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    Help finding a TEFL teaching job

    Wherever you plan to work, TEFL’s Seville career team will help you find the job that’s right for you.

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    TEFL graduates get access to the Career Service for life

    We will help you track down suitable TEFL teaching jobs write your CV or Resume, prepare for TEFL interviews, plan demo lessons, connect with TEFL’s Spain graduates where you choose to go.

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    Help with getting a visa or work permit

    Spain TEFL will offer you support and advice about the process required to teach TEFL legally in each of our training school locations.

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    World-class team of highly-qualified & experienced teachers and tutors

    All our tutors are highly experienced trainers & teachers, qualified to a minimum of Dip TESOL/DELTA level.

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    & Much more…

    We believe in adaptability, so in you think we left something behind let us know we’ll be happy to help!