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Why not take this free time you have to learn something new and expand your horizons? Give yourself the power to travel the world or stay at home all whilst earning a comfortable and stable salary by teaching English online. With more and more students looking for online English teachers than ever before now is the time to give yourself the skills to start teaching online with salaries of between €12 and €30.
There is no better way to do this than with TEFL At Home. We have now taken over 10 years of quality TEFL training online so that the whole world can benefit from our exemplary 120 hour practical course.
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Teaching online is a great way to give yourself the professional flexibility that you need. If you want to travel the world or stay at home with your children then that doesn’t mean you have to stop working. To the contrary, allow your trip to keep going forever or raise your kids with the comfort of secure employment. 
There are more opportunities than ever to teach online. Our course will get you ready to start working from day one. Our team will give you the pointers you need to make your CV attractive and to boost your employment opportunities in general helping you to stand out in the market.


As previously stated, we have a wealth of experience when it comes to top quality teaching courses. Also, all course instructors have over 4 years of experience in the practicalities of teaching online and the best ways of communicating them to candidates.

Furthermore, whilst travelling to Spain may not be an option for all of us at the moment, by taking your course with us you will become part of our network of contacts and resources so that we can help you get the professional development you need or even find you a job in one of our centres in Spain. We are the largest provider of private English classes in Spain so there is no better TEFL course to do if you want to get your foot in the door of another country and expand your employment opportunities.
TEFL Course in Spain


120 hours

40 hours tutor sessions


40 hours independent study


20 hours peer sessions


20 hours of observation of real online classes with real, working teachers.

Practical application of theory

The course provides all candidates with the necessary theoretical foundation for grammar, lesson planning and teaching methodologies all with a strong practical component meaning that all theory can be effectively applied into practical aspects of teaching online.

Multimedia Resources

The course uses Google Classroom to communicate all work and assessments to candidates as well as Google Hangouts for peer and tutor sessions. This means that candidates will receive a fantastic introduction to the world of online teaching and the best methods to present, practice and produce new language when working online.

Professional Development

All tutors have at least 4 years of experience teaching English and will be there to give you the tips and tricks of the trade so you can start working on Day 1 after your course has been completed. You will also receive constant professional support on how to present your CV and how to look for further employment opportunities.


We are here to help you achieve that goal, 100%!
At TEFL Course Spain we assist you every step of the way to enable you to live, study and work in Spain. Let us find your new home in Spain and take care of all the details.