We offer generous commissions to those who help spread the word.

You will be allocated a code that your recommended students can give us when they sign up, or you can introduce the potential student to us via email and one he/she signs up you are finished.

For every sign-up you send us we will pay 150€, within 2 weeks of their deposit.

How does it work?

All you need to do is refer your friends, colleagues or web audience to us, we track their progress through the enquiry process and when they sign up, you get the commission. Leave it to our experts to convince them to enrol, facilitate deposit and answer their questions about the TEFL programs we offer.

What do I have to do?

If you are a teacher and familiar with our quality TEFL programs, encourage others to consider studying one of our major courses, pointing out the advantages of a TEFL Course Seville certificate over others. Make the introduction to us via email and we will update you as and when they decide to enroll.

If you are a blogger, with an audience that is interested in teaching English as a means of living and working around the world, please do recommend they take a TEFL Course in Seville.

If you are neither of them, but you know you can find potencial teachers don’t worry about it we also want you onboard.

Ok, I get it. How do I start?

Please send me an email with your CV and let me know how are you planning to find students. Send me your personal details such as Name, Surname, Skype ID , Telephone Number, a photo to include in your ID. Just send me the information you are confortable with. We will be asking for what we need from each other as we work together. READ the TEFL COURSE SEVILLE website (www.teflcourseseville.com) to get to know our course and start bombing me with questions.

Remember I can inform your contacts so you don’t need to study too hard but the more you know the more confident you contacts will be with your info.

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